Enterprise Culture

Core Values: Proactive Initiative, Co-creation, and Shared Success.

Enterprise Style: Decisive and Efficient Action, Proactive and Efficient.

Enterprise Mission: To create a natural and human-friendly living environment for humanity.

Company Vision: Unleashing life's potential and scripting the future.

Operation Philosophy: Act according to the circumstances, uphold integrity and commitments, strengthen management, and innovate for development.

Planning Concept: Precision in planning, accuracy in execution.

Service Philosophy: Winning through service, striving for perfection.

Talent Philosophy: Understand and utilize individuals, maximize their potential.

Organization Structure


ZhongTai Attitude

  • Towards Employees

    Zhongtai Group adheres to a people-oriented
    Approach to realize the value of its employees.
          Zhongtai Group is committed to a people-oriented approach, creating a learning-centric organizational environment to empower the value of its employees. The company establishes scientific management practices. Through appropriate incentive principles, Zhongtai Group actively promotes the mutual growth of both employees and the organization. The company conducts a series of activities aimed at enhancing employee satisfaction and happiness, providing a sense of fulfillment for its workforce.
  • Towards Partners

    Zhongtai Group adheres to a cooperative,and win-win philosophy,
    Forging partnerships based on trustworthiness.
          Zhongtai Group advocates a cooperative and win-win culture based on "respect, integrity, commitment, and mutual success" in its dealings with partners. The company upholds honesty and commitment on both sides, striving for mutually beneficial cooperation, aiming to establish long-term partnerships. In the future, Zhongtai Group will steadily develop, creating a reputation as a "contract-abiding and trustworthy" entity and building a trustworthy enterprise that consumers rely on.
  • Towards Society

    Zhongtai actively makes contributions to public
    Welfare and fulfills social responsibility.
          The company is like a cell within society, and society serves as the source of the company's values. Zhongtai group consistently keeps in mind its commitment to society and public welfare, actively translating this commitment into action. While ensuring the steady development of the business, Zhongtai Group adheres to the belief that "social value is greater than corporate value." It actively fulfills its social responsibility by continuously participating in rural revitalization and public welfare initiatives.
  • Towards the Nation

    Zhongtai Group adheres to the principle of
    "putting the nation first" to drive industry development.
          Zhongtai Group upholds the principle of "putting the nation first" and bears the significant responsibility for contributing to the country's economic growth. With a commitment to stable and sustainable development, the group actively propels the rapid development of the real estate, finance, construction, and service industries. Simultaneously, it provides a substantial number of employment opportunities, alleviating employment pressures and enhancing the standard of living for the people.